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I’ve moved to a new domain. Check me out and contact me there!


Koh Jing Yu


I’ve been getting lots of emails recently, so I thought perhaps I’ll clarify something: The full game is out, and the links on my 30 days page (top right!)

The game is also out in iTunes, grab it now, it’s FREE!

My 30 Days has been lots of fun, and I got to meet lots of new people (not to mention the publicity on my website).

I know all of you have been eager to see my full game, but somehow MediaFire won’t accept it. While I feature out how to get it up, if you want the source code email me at to get it emailed to you.

I’ll keep posting source code, and I hope you’ll keep coming back.



Koh Jing Yu

So I’ve reached 150 followers on Twitter, and I’m going to do a full game for my 30 days, and release the source code. I’ll be making a full game, with scores and menu screens.

Now, if I reach 175 followers on Twitter, I’ll even include OpenFeint in the game. So follow me now!

I recently changed from using HotLinkFiles to using MediaFire for my 30 Days Of iPhone Programming, and I want to say, it works great! The interface is really good and I like how you can have different folders for your files.

If you need hot linking of files or uploading of files, I suggest you try MediaFire now!

Hey guys, I’ve changed my theme to a different one. I think this one is better. Tell me what you think. Oh, and if you’re finding my 30 Days of iPhone Programming, they are in the top right. The pages are in the top right.

I’m about to do a 30 day app thing, where I finish 30+ apps and release the source code. If you have requests email me at or leave a comment!

So recently I gave out 39 promo codes for Bacteria Bash in the Touch Arcade Forums. I was experimenting to see if a release of a lot of promo codes would increase sales.

In a day, all 39 promo codes were used. Most of the people taking the promo codes posted in the forums saying they would leave a review.

After a few days of monitoring sales, I realised that sales remained pretty much the same, less than a dollar a day on average for Bacteria Bash. This allowed me to conclude that releasing a lot of promo codes probably wouldn’t get your app extra sales after the day.

There could be many reasons to this. Users might see that many others had gotten promo codes and got your game for free, and seeing that you released so many codes, they might not be willing to pay for it seeing that many others had gotten it for free.

So in conclusion, releasing a lot of codes at once for the game might not bring it more sales if it isn’t doing exceptionally well in the charts, but if it had a good ranking its possible that the codes would raise more attention and more people would get the game.

Leave comments letting me know what you think!

Recently my game Cheese Collect got featured in New And Noteworthy.

I got a huge spike in sales on the same day. So I’m here to share some tips and trick on getting your application featured.


Graphics is a big factor in sale of applications. In the App Store, users can’t play your app or hear the soundtrack, but they can see the screenshots. Great graphics and art would be what attracts them most. Take my Cheese Collect Menu Screen for example…

Menu Screen

Good right? It’s quite intriguing. Users who see this pleasing menu screen in the app store would be all the more attracted to it. Great graphics also attract attention, and your app might get featured.


Apple reviewers would play the game while reviewing it. Those featured would probably be those Apple enjoy. Having unique gameplay makes you app stand out. Although there are many puzzle games on the app store, I’ve not seen one with the gameplay in Cheese Collect. With unique gameplay, Apple would notice it more.


A lot of applications are priced at $0.99. You should price your app according to how much you think it’s worth, but at lower prices it sells better. All of my apps are priced at $0.99, and they are selling pretty well.

That’s all for now, more coming soon! Good luck with your apps!

App: Cheese Collect
Developer: Koh Jing Yu
Price: 0.99

Screenshot 1 of 4

    The cat is trying to attack you again!

    In this fun puzzle game, you are a mouse who tries to steal cheese without setting off the traps set by the cat. However, everytime you move, the cat would move the cheese away from you, unless there’s no space for it.

    Can you reach the cheese in the number of moves available?

    – 3 Game modes, Campaign, Freestyle and Multiplayer!
    – 10 Campaign Maps featuring 2 locations so far: Kitchen and Attic, each with their own cool background music!
    – 5 High Score Slots
    – Tweet your score!
    – Customize your mouse! (NOTE: New hats are unlocked after completing campaigns, at the start you only have a choice to have no hat.)