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Recently my game Cheese Collect got featured in New And Noteworthy.

I got a huge spike in sales on the same day. So I’m here to share some tips and trick on getting your application featured.


Graphics is a big factor in sale of applications. In the App Store, users can’t play your app or hear the soundtrack, but they can see the screenshots. Great graphics and art would be what attracts them most. Take my Cheese Collect Menu Screen for example…

Menu Screen

Good right? It’s quite intriguing. Users who see this pleasing menu screen in the app store would be all the more attracted to it. Great graphics also attract attention, and your app might get featured.


Apple reviewers would play the game while reviewing it. Those featured would probably be those Apple enjoy. Having unique gameplay makes you app stand out. Although there are many puzzle games on the app store, I’ve not seen one with the gameplay in Cheese Collect. With unique gameplay, Apple would notice it more.


A lot of applications are priced at $0.99. You should price your app according to how much you think it’s worth, but at lower prices it sells better. All of my apps are priced at $0.99, and they are selling pretty well.

That’s all for now, more coming soon! Good luck with your apps!



  1. Are you being serious here, about how your “good graphics” helped you get onto the App Store front page? This may or may not be a fun game, but looking at the graphics I would never buy it… it looks like a typical 99 cent App Store game made by a hobbyist. No offense, but if this is the kind of app that makes it to the App Store front page then I’m completely baffled by how Apple chooses those apps. Are you sure you don’t have a friend working at Apple?

    • Hello,
      Thanks for your comment. I would appreciate it if you could please elaborate your definition of good graphics, as Cheese Collect’s graphics have been praised by reviewers.
      Apple, being professional, would not choose apps based on relationships, and no, I do not have friends in Apple.

      Koh Jing Yu

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