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So recently I gave out 39 promo codes for Bacteria Bash in the Touch Arcade Forums. I was experimenting to see if a release of a lot of promo codes would increase sales.

In a day, all 39 promo codes were used. Most of the people taking the promo codes posted in the forums saying they would leave a review.

After a few days of monitoring sales, I realised that sales remained pretty much the same, less than a dollar a day on average for Bacteria Bash. This allowed me to conclude that releasing a lot of promo codes probably wouldn’t get your app extra sales after the day.

There could be many reasons to this. Users might see that many others had gotten promo codes and got your game for free, and seeing that you released so many codes, they might not be willing to pay for it seeing that many others had gotten it for free.

So in conclusion, releasing a lot of codes at once for the game might not bring it more sales if it isn’t doing exceptionally well in the charts, but if it had a good ranking its possible that the codes would raise more attention and more people would get the game.

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