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I’m about to do a 30 day app thing, where I finish 30+ apps and release the source code. If you have requests email me at or leave a comment!


ManiacDev has a good list of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced OpenGL game tutorials.

Check it out:

Hey all, welcome to the first in a series of iPhone tutorials I’m going to publish.

This post is about understanding all the terms, some of which I had trouble with when I first started.

Okay….You can ask questions in the comments!

if(number1 == number2)


//Do something


What this means is that it checks if number1, an integer is equal to number2, another integer. The 2 equal signs check if they are equal, whereas one equal sign sets the value to something.

number1 = number2;

This sets the value of number1 to number2.

header file:

<p style="font:10px Monaco;color:#c41a16;margin:0;"><span style="color:#643820;">#import </span>&lt;UIKit/UIKit.h&gt;</p>

<div><span style="font-family:Monaco, 'Times New Roman', 'Bitstream Charter', Times, fantasy;color:#c41a16;font-size:x-small;"><span style="line-height:normal;">
<p style="font:10px Monaco;margin:0;"><span style="color:#aa0d91;">@interface</span> SquareCollectViewController : UIViewController</p>
<p style="font:10px Monaco;margin:0;">{</p>
<p style="font:10px Monaco;margin:0;">int number1;</p>
<p style="font:10px Monaco;margin:0;">}</p>
<p style="font:10px Monaco;margin:0;"></p>
<p style="font:10px Monaco;margin:0;">@end</p>
<p style="font:10px Monaco;margin:0;">

main file:

<p style="font:10px Monaco;margin:0;">- (void)viewDidLoad</p>
<p style="font:10px Monaco;margin:0;">{</p>
<p style="font:10px Monaco;margin:0;">number1 = 10;</p>
<p style="font:10px Monaco;margin:0;">}</p>
<p style="font:10px Monaco;margin:0;">

What this does is basically set the value of number1 (declared in the header file) to 10. You can also set this value in an IBAction or some other function.

There are many resources available online too…

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One book I would recommend is Beginning iPhone Development published by Apress.

Tell me what you want to know in the comments! 🙂