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I’ve just submitted my Joke App, Jokestar.

App Description:
A joke application containing different jokes ranging from Bumper Stickers, Yo Momma Jokes, and Riddles!

Entertain your kids with these jokes and riddles, or just entertain yourself!

– 230 Bumper Sticker Jokes
– 130 Yo Momma Jokes
– 50 Riddles
– 4 Categories for Bumper Stickers: Wisdom, Caution, Dumb and Geek
– 3 Categories for Yo Momma Jokes: Fat, Stupid and Ugly
– 2 Categories for Riddles: What Am I and Brain Teasers

More jokes would be added in updates.

For Screenshots and more info, visit
Want a promo code for this app? Submit a comment with a Yo Momma Joke, Bumper Sticker Joke, or a Riddle with an answer!

Please supply your name, or a nickname which would be used to credit you for the joke!

The best few would be added into the app with your name.

Now, let the jokes come!


I’ve made a poll about Cheese Collect maps. Please go vote if you’re a TouchArcade member! Or you can leave comments here and I’ll look at them!

Here’s the thread:

I’m currently working on an iPhone app, not a game this time, an app. I think the interface is really well done and there are some nice animations.

The graphics are also quite nice, done by me, of course.

ManiacDev has a good list of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced OpenGL game tutorials.

Check it out:

Developers, Mobile Orchard is giving away their screencast on how to put development code on your iPhone/iPod Touch for free for a week.

Get it now!

iPhone Provisioning: Running Development Code On Your Phone

Here are some preview screenshots for Cheese Collect…

Menu Screen2 Player ModeCustomization Screen

Leave comments about what you think!

Cheese Collect submitted: Read all about it along with screenshots:

Screenshots and icon included! 😀

I’m almost done with my puzzle game. Screenshots would be put up soon, when it’s submitted. I’ll probably announce it in Touch Arcade’s Upcoming Games Forum

By the way, I use Twitter! Follow me!

There are many great iPhone developer tutorials online.

There are also many forums:

If you have any more, leave them in the comments. 🙂

Hey guys,
I’m currently developing a cool puzzle game for the iPhone. Stay tuned to find out more! News would be posted soon!