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There are many great iPhone developer tutorials online.

There are also many forums:

If you have any more, leave them in the comments. 🙂


Hey guys,
I’m currently developing a cool puzzle game for the iPhone. Stay tuned to find out more! News would be posted soon!

My app, Bacteria Bash, has been approved!

Your human body has a deadly bacteria, and you have sent a robot into your body to eliminate it. You control the robot with a computer, and you must tap the bacteria in order to weaken it. How many times can you tap the bacteria? What is your highest score?

– 4 power-ups
– Random appearance of power-ups
– Random moving of bacteria
– 3 difficulty levels

Coming in next update (already submitted to Apple for approval)
– Twitter Integration (post your score to Twitter)
– User Interface Improvements
– Crashing Bugs
– New mode: Campaign
– New maps: Campaign 1 and 2!
– Instructions Screen

What is your highest score?
How many taps can you get?

TouchArcade thread:

So my first app got submitted to the app store on July 2nd. It might not come out so soon because of some things I need to settle first…

So I’m about to finish my first iPhone game. It’s going to be uploaded onto the App Store soon, so stay tuned!